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If you find yourself navigating a divorce in Lytle and require legal assistance, the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC is ready to support you. Our seasoned Lytle divorce attorneys are committed to guiding you through a more streamlined and less stressful divorce process. With a specialization in family law, our firm dedicates 99% of its practice to this area, providing focused expertise and effective solutions tailored to the unique nuances of Texas family law.


Understanding the distinct dynamics of each divorce case, we adapt our strategy to cater to the individual needs of our clients. Some may opt for mediation, facilitating swift and amicable agreements, while others may encounter contested divorces that demand legal intervention. Regardless of whether your case involves mediation, negotiation, or litigation, our proficient divorce attorneys in Luling are ready to provide comprehensive support from beginning to end.

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  • Aggressive and Compassionate Advocacy: Our team is dedicated to delivering strong yet empathetic representation, striving for optimal outcomes for our clients.
  • Experienced Representation: With a profound understanding of divorce and family law, we bring seasoned expertise to handle your case.
  • Effective Courtroom and Negotiation Solutions: Whether in court or through negotiation, our objective is to achieve effective resolutions.
  • Personalized and Customized Counsel: We provide tailored advice to address your specific situation and legal needs.
  • Dedicated Attention: Direct engagement with your attorney ensures focused attention on your case.
  • A+ BBB® Rating: Our commitment to excellence is evident in our top ratings and positive client feedback.

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Grounds for Divorce in Texas

In Texas, divorce can be pursued on different grounds, including both no-fault and fault-based reasons.

A no-fault divorce often proceeds under the grounds of “insupportability,” acknowledging irreconcilable differences without the necessity of assigning blame.


Fault-based grounds include:


  • Continuous separation for three years or more without cohabitation
  • Confinement in a mental institution for three years with little hope of recovery
  • Cruel and abusive treatment
  • Willful abandonment for at least one year
  • Felony conviction and imprisonment
  • Proven instances of adultery


Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Texas

In Luling, Texas, contested divorces arise when spouses cannot reach agreements on crucial matters such as property distribution, spousal support, and child custody, necessitating court involvement. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC is well-prepared to represent your interests in court, advocating for your best outcomes with a combination of assertiveness and compassion. Whether your divorce process proceeds to court or can be resolved through negotiation, our skilled Luling divorce attorneys are ready to provide the comprehensive support and representation you require.

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