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Meet Haley Knighten: Your Compassionate Family and Criminal Law Advocate
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Haley Knighten


Meet Attorney Haley Knighten, a devoted mother and attorney specializing in family and criminal law. Her unwavering passion is to provide crucial guidance to children and families facing legal challenges. Inspired by her mother, Haley learned the values of strength, courage, and independence in pursuing one's dreams.


Introducing Attorney Haley Knighten!

Haley is an independent mother who’s living her dream as an attorney, with a primary focus on family and criminal law. Her passion lies in providing essential guidance to children and families facing legal challenges. Her own mother serves as her inspiration, instilling values of strength, courage, independence, and the pursuit of what truly matters in life.

When she’s not passionately helping others, Haley cherishes quality time with her son, indulging in activities like swimming, playing games, and enjoying the melodies of country music. She aspires to travel to Jamaica in the near future and even has skydiving on her list of exciting adventures to conquer.


  • Bachelor of Science/Political Science, 2003
  • Juris Doctorate- St. Mary’s University School of Law, 2006

Bar Admissions

  • Texas State Bar, 2006

Professional Memberships/Licenses

  • Texas State Bar, TCDLA
  • Texas Law License, 2006