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Are you in the process of getting a divorce in the Montrose, Texas? Looking for an experienced divorce attorney in the Montrose area? Look no further than Bryan Fagan, PLLC! Our team of highly-skilled Montrose Texas divorce lawyers is committed to helping you navigate your divorce process with ease.


Bryan Fagan is also a full-service family law law firm. With 99% of all our law practice focused on family law, we can focus on our areas of expertise, develop effective strategies and stay up-to-date on Texas family law.


Although our legal team has many years of experience, we recognize that every divorce case is different. What works for one client might not work for you. Some clients find a solution through mediation, resulting in a quick, amicable divorce. Others may need to go to court because of contentious divorce issues. No matter which approach your divorce requires—whether it’s mediation, negotiation or litigation—we’re here to help. Our Spring divorce lawyers have the expertise, experience and tools to guide you every step of the way.

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  • Assertive yet compassionate advocacy
  • Seasoned legal representation
  • Practical solutions for both in and out-of-court matters
  • Tailored counsel to suit your individual needs
  • Direct attention from your attorney A+
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Navigating the dissolution of a marriage can present formidable challenges. It entails emotional strain and the legal intricacies involved can be highly complex, underscoring the necessity of engaging a proficient legal advocate to secure optimal outcomes. At The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC in Montrose, our adept divorce team is committed to shepherding our clients through the divorce proceedings and a spectrum of other family law issues. Count on us to furnish the legal guidance necessary to realize your objectives and facilitate the resolution of your case with minimal friction.


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