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Meet Trey: Your Compassionate Family Law Attorney
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Trey Taylor


Meet Trey, a Houston native with deep roots in Spring, Texas. After a brief stint in Austin for college, he returned to his hometown to pursue a career as an attorney. Trey's true passion lies in family law, especially in helping families, particularly those with children, navigate the complexities of divorce. He's dedicated to guiding his clients through this challenging process, ensuring their transition into new life situations is as positive and healthy as possible. In his free time, Trey enjoys cooking, exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking, and relishes moments spent with his family.


Meet Attorney Trey Taylor!

Meet Trey, a Houston native hailing from Spring, Texas, who briefly ventured to Austin to kickstart his college journey before returning to his hometown to further his education and launch his career as an attorney. Trey’s heart lies in family law, and he’s particularly passionate about assisting families, especially those with children, as they navigate the challenges of divorce and the transformations it brings. He strives to guide his clients towards positive and healthy transitions in their new life situations.

Outside of his legal pursuits, Trey indulges in his love for cooking, as well as outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking. Spending quality time with his family is another cherished pastime.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Economics- University of Texas, 2013
  • Juris Doctorate- University of Houston Law Center, 2017
  • Houston Journal of International Law- Business Editor

Bar Admissions

  • Texas State Bar, 2019