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Meet Ashley: Your Dedicated Family Law Paralegal
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Ashley Caldwell

Lead Senior Paralegal

Ashley's legal journey began at the grassroots level, starting as a file clerk and working her way up to a legal assistant and legal secretary at different law firms. Her dedication culminated in earning a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Houston in 2012. Since 2015, she has been a full-time paralegal, specializing in Family Law. Ashley is currently pursuing further education with plans to attend law school, aspiring to become a Family Law Attorney. She takes immense pride in her work, assisting clients through challenging cases with care, concern, and compassion. Ashley's expertise spans divorce, child support, adoption, modification, and enforcement cases, guiding clients from start to finish. She is an active member of various legal associations, demonstrating her commitment to the field.


Ashley has meticulously crafted her legal career, starting from the ground up as a file clerk, legal assistant, and legal secretary at various law firms. Her journey led her to attain a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Houston in 2012, and she has been working full-time as a paralegal, specializing in Family Law since 2015. Currently, Ashley is pursuing further education and has ambitions of attending law school, with her ultimate goal being a Family Law Attorney.

Ashley takes immense pride in her dedication to clients, offering unwavering support throughout their often challenging and tumultuous cases. Her expertise extends to handling a spectrum of cases, including divorce, child support, adoption/termination, modification, and enforcement, guiding them from start to finish. She excels in providing clients with professional service and is committed to preserving their rights while extending a listening ear and a warm smile. Ashley’s intent is to guide clients through their cases with care, concern, and compassion.

Active in her legal community, Ashley is a proud member of various professional associations, including the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division, Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association, Houston Association of Legal Professionals, National Association of Legal Secretaries, and the American Association of Notaries.

As a native Houstonian and a mother of two, Ashley relishes her personal time, which she spends with her family. She enjoys watching the Food Network and delving into a good book. Additionally, she has a penchant for unicorns, brunch, and all things that sparkle.