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Shonda Foster


Shonda Foster is a dedicated Paralegal at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, known for her legal expertise and commitment to community service. With 18 years of experience in criminal law, she brings valuable support to clients facing challenging circumstances. Outside of work, Shonda volunteers with organizations like the Young Men’s Service League and is deeply involved in her children's activities. Known for her compassion and reliability, Shonda is poised to make a positive impact in family law, leveraging her skills to assist families and contribute to her community.


Shonda Foster is a committed Paralegal at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, bringing not only legal acumen but also a fervent dedication to community service. A proud Texan, Shonda initially resided in Austin before settling in various cities across Texas, including Frisco and Spring. Outside of work, she derives fulfillment from volunteering, actively participating in organizations such as the Young Men’s Service League and contributing to school groups and swim teams. Married to Scott Foster for 22 years, Shonda is a devoted mother to three energetic boys and two spirited dogs, a Boston Terrier and a Boxer.

Shonda’s venture into the legal field began early, with 18 years devoted to criminal law, providing support and guidance to individuals facing challenging circumstances. Following a stint in personal injury law at an insurance company, she took a hiatus to focus on her children. Now, Shonda eagerly anticipates exploring family law, eager to apply her expertise to assist families in navigating their legal affairs. Recognized for her compassion, dedication, dependability, and encouragement, Shonda is an invaluable asset to the legal team. As she enters this new phase, Shonda remains committed to leveraging her skills to make a positive impact both within the legal sphere and her community.