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Elizabeth: Your Compassionate Family Law Paralegal
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Elizabeth N. Ramirez


With over three decades of legal experience, Elizabeth, originally from California, has found her second home in Texas. Her true calling lies in family law, where she passionately assists individuals in navigating the complexities of divorce. As a dedicated paralegal, Elizabeth is committed to helping her clients find a path to a happier, more fulfilling life.



I’m a native of California who spent most of my life in the Golden State before relocating to Texas in 2019. Both California and Texas hold a special place in my heart. My journey in the legal profession began in 1986 after completing my college education, followed by two years in law school. Over the years, I’ve explored various legal domains, including family law, personal injury, civil litigation, workers’ compensation, wills, trusts, probate, corporate law, criminal law, and immigration law. Among these, family law has captured my passion and dedication.

With a wealth of experience accrued throughout my extensive legal career, I’ve acquired the knowledge and expertise that define my practice today.

I’m deeply committed to my role as a paralegal, taking great satisfaction in providing unwavering support to individuals navigating the challenges of divorce. My mission is to empower them in their pursuit of a happier life. Beyond my professional life, I place a strong emphasis on personal well-being. Spending quality time with my family and friends is a cherished aspect of my life. Over the years, I’ve been actively engaged in fitness pursuits, including participating in marathons, 10k’s, and 5k’s. I’ve also had the privilege of coaching cross country, track and field, and soccer. My personal interests encompass running, biking, hiking, exploring new destinations, beach outings, photography, reading, scrapbooking, and gardening.

Life offers a single opportunity to shape it as we desire, and I embrace each day with a sense of fulfillment, aiming to live without regrets. Your happiness is your most valuable asset, and I’m here to help you protect it.